June 03, 2019
Checkout Eunjae’s work on ‘Bioresponsive microspheres for anti-inflammatory cytokine delivery’ uploaded in <a href=>bioRxiv</a>.

Jun 06, 2019
Dr. Annamalai will be presenting our work on ‘Macrophage-mediated Release of BMP2 from Bioresponsive Microspheres for Vascularize bone Regeneration’ in the upcoming <a href=>BMES Conference</a> at Philadelphia.

May 05, 2019
Check out our recently published work on <a href=>transport analysis of engineered liver tissue</a>.

May 02, 2019
Our work on ‘Injectable microtissues containing MSC conformally fill and repair critical-size defects’ just got accepted in <a href=>Biomaterials journal</a>. This is a promising cell therapy for nonunion fractures.